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Are there any contracts or long term commitments?
Absolutely not. TurnKey Website is month-to-month, and you can cancel any time.
What are the exact prices for your service?
We offer 3 plans with the basic plan starting at $9.95 per month. Click here for all the pricing details and more information on our plans.
I already have a domain name -- can I use it with your service?
Yes, you can use an existing domain name with our service, no problem.
Do I have to install any type of software?
No. Unlike a lot of site builders, you do not have to install any software. Our service is 100% web-based, so all you need is a computer with web access. One of the great things about being web-based is that you can make updates to your site from anywhere, anytime.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan later?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.
How long have you been in business?
TurnKey Website is a division of TurnKey Internet, has and A+ rating with the BBB of Upstate New York
Do I have to pay extra for the hosting of my website?
Web hosting is included with our service at no additional charge. It also includes unlimited professional (you@yourcompany.com) email accounts.
How many pages can my website have?
We do not place any limits on your website. You can have an unlimited number of pages.
How much web disk space do I get?
We include the following web disk space depending on your plan: Starter: 25GB, Professional: 100GB, eCommerce: 300GB
Can I add my own images to my website?
Absolutely. You can add your own images to the actual web design templates, and you can add your own images to the content of your website.
Is your website builder Mac compatible?
Yes. Our website builder is 100% Apple® Macintosh® compatible.
Can I change my website content after I publish my website?
Absolutely. You can make new and unlimited changes any time you wish.
Can I use Google Analytics with my website?
Yes! Our website builder supports Google Analytics.
Can I use Google Adsense with my website?
Yes! Our website builder supports Google Adsense.
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